Disclaimer issues

Disclaimer issues pertaining to posts on this website.
This page addresses disclaimer issues pertaining to posts on this website.

  1. The words “author” and “writer” are used on this website interchangeably to identify the person responsible for specific posts.
  2. The author’s opinions and thoughts are expressed on the subject of Christianity as a way of life, of faith and not as a religion.
  3. These opinions and thoughts are formed through observation, research, thought, meditation and extensive reading.
  4. The posts are not intended to malign or vilify any religious or ethnic group or individual or to harm or injure any person’s beliefs, ethnicity or lifestyle.
  5. The posts on this website express and reflect personal beliefs, views and opinions of the author.
  6. Whatever is written  is as a result of the author’s understanding of the Bible, which the author regards as God’s authoritative word.
  7. The author’s writings do not represent any religious or ethnic group but does address issues concerning Christianity as a way of life in the light of the Bible and not as a religion.
  8. If any reader uses any advice, recommendations or tips espoused in any posts on this website, the reader does so on his/her own initiative and the author will not be held responsible for any outcomes as a result of any such initiatives taken.
  9. If the author inadvertently uses any content from other blog posts then please contact the writer and alert the author/writer. The author/writer will immediately remove such content. It is not the writer’s  intention to infringe on any other person’s copyright without obtaining permission to use such content.
  10. Likewise, if you wish to use any of the content from this blog website, please contact me and obtain permission to do so through a link in order to avoid possible infringement of copyright law.

Blogging Comments

Opinions and views expressed in any blogging comments are personal and accredited to the commentator. However, the owner of this website, reserves the right to moderate or remove any comments regarded as unsuitable and of a defamatory nature with regard to religion, ethnicity and social beliefs. This will be done in order to protect the rights of each commentator to express honest, critical and thoughtful opinions in appropriate language without fear of being intimidated by malicious commenting by other visitors to this website.


All images used on this website are the property of the administrator either through obtaining permission to use such images or, belonging to the administrator’s personal portfolio. No image from this website may be used without obtaining the permission from the administrator.