Compromising, inclusive Christianity

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During the past 20 years I have watched the growth of what has become a compromising, inclusive Christianity. This happened through various christian movements and given impetus through the media of television.

I have always known that being Christian is to belong to a very exclusive faith and not  a compromising, inclusive Christianity at all. By “exclusive” I mean it excludes fellowship with other religions and faiths.

However, we live in a time where more and more, as far as fellowship with “believers” go, anything goes in the Christian community. This is demonstrated by, particularly, leadership of church denominations compromising Christianity in conferences with themes of “inter-faith” or “inter-religious” or “peace” or some such noble looking title.

The Bible teaches

1 John 2:21-25 (taken from the Living Bible)
“So I am writing to you as to those who need to know the truth, but I warn you as those who can discern the difference between true and false. And who is the greatest liar? The one who says that Jesus is not Christ. Such a person is Antichrist, for he does not believe in God the Father and in his Son. For a person who doesn’t believe in Christ, God’s Son, can’t have God the Father either. But he who has Christ, God’s Son, has God the Father also. So keep on believing what you have been taught from the beginning. If you do, you will always be in close fellowship with both God the Father and his Son. And he himself has promised us this: eternal life. These remarks of mine about the Antichrist are pointed at those who would dearly love to blindfold you and lead you astray.” (Emphasis mine).

1 John 4:1-3 (taken from the Living Bible)
“Dearly loved friends, don’t always believe everything you hear just because someone says it is a message from God: test it first to see if it really is. For there are many false teachers around, and the way to find out if their message is from the Holy Spirit is to ask: Does it really agree that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, actually became man with a human body? If so, then the message is from God. If not, the message is not from God but from one who is against Christ, like the Antichrist you have heard about who is going to come, and his attitude of enmity against Christ is already abroad in the world.” (Emphasis mine).

The facts

There is nothing about a compromising, inclusive Christianity in these Bible verses.

Mainstream religions of our time

Mainstream religions of our time

These Bible verses are self explanatory. They confirm that Christianity is very narrow and specific. Christianity revolves around the fact that you are called a Christian because you “are a follower of Jesus Christ”. It also revolves around the narrow facts that you have to believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin called Mary, lived in human body among the people and at the same time was and still is the Son of God.

These are facts of the Christian Faith. These facts come from the gospels and the letters of the apostles preserved in the Bible. But to crown it all it is narrowed down by Jesus himself saying: ”I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “no one can come to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

So this is pretty narrow and exclusive, don’t you agree? There is nothing compromising and inclusive about that.

The “inter-faith” lie

But what do we find if we look around us today? We find all these “blended” groups of people from different religions and “faiths” under religious leadership. They come together to discuss world events that cause suffering and misery. They make religious policy statements in unity about either “peace, justice, equality, poverty” or such noble sounding causes. They call it “inter-faith” unity of communities or organisations and Christian leadership is part of this. I ask, “how can an exclusive religion such as Christianity, sit around a table with other religions and discuss and decide about issues of faith when they do not have the same core believe?” Isn’t this compromising Christianity and should we not read the signs in this regard?

The “inter-faith” lie is that they all believe in God. But whose God, I ask? They end these conferences with an ”inter-faith prayer”. What is “inter-faith prayer”? It is prayer that does not mention the name of Jesus Christ and God as His Father. So it is a lie. A lie to which a compromising, inclusive Christianity has become partakers of.

The Bible call them lairs

The Apostle John says, people who do not believe that Jesus is the Christ are liars. (1 John 2:22) Why would Christian leadership and christian communities join conferences and agree on issues with people who the Apostle John, one of Christianity’s earliest leaders, call liars?

Something is wrong when we believe we can “do good” through fellowship with religions that are called “liars” in the Bible.

According to the above quoted Bible verses (and there are others in the New Testament), if you do not “agree that Jesus Christ, is God’s Son and actually became man with a human body”, then you are a false teacher and an anti-christ. Christians should not fellowship with false teachers and anti-christs – that is clear from reading the New Testament (see 1 John 4:1 – 6).

But it goes even further. “For a person who doesn’t believe in Christ, God’s Son, can’t have God the Father either” (1 John 2:23). So not only do these other religions not have faith in Jesus Christ, they also cannot call on God, the only true God, Creator of all that is, seen and unseen and Father of Jesus Christ. If you do not believe in Christ, you have no right to call His Father, your God. So that is why I say, the term “inter-faith” is a lie born from Satan the Father of lies. And all who partake of it as Christians, however noble the cause, are in fellowship with anti-christs under the leadership of false teachers.

God the Father

How can Christians show solidarity with the Hindu religion who worships over 3000 gods? How can Christians show solidarity and agree on anything when Islam prays to Allah (who cannot be Jesus Christ’s Father if they do not believe in Jesus Christ). What about the Jewish faith? Their religious leaders are responsible for planning for Jesus’ crucifixion and to this day deny He is their long awaited Messiah. Do we accept they have God our Father and the Father of Jesus Christ as their God? Jesus told the Jews, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and have come from God, …He sent Me. …You are of your father the devil…” (Excerpts from John 8:42 – 44 [I recommend you read all the verses]) (Emphasis mine)

Change through Christian prayer

As Christians we are called to pray “for kings and all who are in authority,..” over us. (1 Tim. 2:1 – 3) That is our duty. We can bring about change through christian prayer not “inter-faith” prayer. We do not need to show solidarity with other religions to do that.

All are welcome it seems

I have here pointed out the Hindi and Muslim religions because they are the largest other religions there are. There are, also, off course, the Buddhists, the Baha’i faith and many others who meet together at these conferences.

Recently a term called “inter-path dialogue” has been proposed to include atheists, agnostics and humanists and others with no “religious faith”. All are welcome it seems. How far will Christian leaders go? Many Christian leaders are leading their congregations into a compromising, inclusive Christianity. I find this disturbing. I believe it is blasphemy of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I believe that this is a deviation from what Jesus and His Apostles taught us and leads to confusion, compromise and false teaching. Furthermore, I believe that meetings  attended by Christian leadership under the auspices of “peace, justice and healing for the earth and all living beings…”, are a false show of unity as there really is no “love” for each other between these attendees.

Growth in false teaching, humanism, atheism and agnosticism

In the meantime there has been a growth in false teachings being preached in many Christian churches, the overall impression is that the broader Church has become powerless (without the Holy Spirit). All this while there is a rise in the aggressiveness of Islam against Christianity, and the rise of false religions, of humanism, atheism and agnosticism. I urge Christians to read the signs.

Persecution growing

Earlier this year there was extensive media coverage of incidents of intolerance resulting in violence by Islamic countries against Christians.

What does this say of the success of meetings of Christian leadership with Imams, Muftis, Muslim leaders and political leaders from Muslim countries requesting that protection be given to Christian communities in Muslim countries? Very little I am afraid. I believe that there is a 2016 report which states “that persecution of Christians in Muslim countries have risen to a level comparable to ethnic cleansing”.

So I ask as I write this, where is the “tolerance” in Islamic countries towards other religions and in particular Christians? But in Christian countries tolerance and protection of other religions are shown.

I know of no incidents where Christians have blown up Muslim, Buddhist or other religious meetings inside predominantly Christian countries but I do know if Muslims who have done this to people of their own faith. To call these people “extremists” by the Muslim countries’ leaders belies the fact that they have grown out of their own religion and their roots are in Islam.

Jesus our radical leader

Through compromising and becoming inclusive with other religions, the Christian religion, which has, in the past, been seen by other as exclusive, (and a thorn in the flesh of many), now hold hands with liars and false prophets and false teachers. Lifestyle habits that were previously called sin are no longer unacceptable in a large section of Christianity. Sinful lifestyles are now tolerated under the slogan of “God is love” and “love your neighbor.”

Ordinary Christians hear and see their leaders re-interpreting the Bible in order to not be seen as radical but rather as “loving” and compromising and individual Christians do not read the Bible anymore therefore they do not question the false teaching. However, in the end, after seeing and hearing it a few times, they begin to believe that it is okay for Christians to hold hands and pray with Hindi, Muslim, Buddhist and Baha’i because after all, “God is love” and you must “love your neighbor”.

But Jesus showed his exclusivity as a radical leader in His time on earth. So radical that He was called “mad” and “demon possessed” by the religious leaders of His time.

And by the way, guess who it the father of the false prophets and liars? Yes, the enemy of our Savior, Jesus Christ, namely Satan.

Evil is flourishing

I believe that is why evil is flourishing more and more around us. The Body of Christ, the Church have lost its power because it fellowships with liars and false prophets and says “amen” when they quote “peaceful and wise sounding slogans”.

It is time that Christians all over the world read the signs and wake up to the fact that we have become too accommodating, compromising and inclusive. As a result, Christianity has become powerless exactly because it has lost focus on the centrality of Jesus Christ as God’s Son, His teachings and reading the Bible. As “salt of the earth” Christians have lost their ability to stop the rot around them.

Slogans now are the central theme

We have been duped by the slogans “God is love” and “love one another”, (yes, I know it is scripture verses – ripped out of context), which all these religions who believe in a god, espouse as well. These slogans now are the central theme of many Christian denominations and have taken that as their mantra.  But we forget that our God is also “a jealous God” and a ‘holy  God” who hates idolatry, worship of deities and continuing sinful practices.

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening? Why this compromising, inclusive Christianity? I believe it is because many Christians seldom read the Bible anymore (never mind having bible reading after supper with the family – the backbone of Christian family life). Life is just too busy and they don’t eat around a dinner table but sit and eat in front of a television set. Listen to sermons preached from a pulpit on a Sunday without even opening their own Bibles (don’t even bring it to church) to evaluate whether what they hear is pure and true.

If you do not know what the Bible says about these things how can you discern the spirit of anti-christ that has seeped and is still seeping into the Church? Eating away at the core of Christianity? The core which is that there is but “one God, one Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son.” In many churches there are no sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit when Christians meet together on a Sunday. It has just become a ritual and social gathering.

It is now a compromising, inclusive Christianity where anything goes.

In the meantime the world has never, since World War II been so divided. Countries are at war with each other, driven by religious fervor, division, hatred and intolerance by the adherents of especially the religion of Islam, while leadership in general, are calling “peace, peace, peace”.

Repent and return

I believe Christians need to repent and return to their foundation and exclusive belief. Christians need to read the Bible (the Old and New Testament) again to remind them of who our God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit really is. Christians should stop believing the watered down version dished up from many a pulpit on a Sunday. After all, “each will give account for what he has done in the flesh” when Jesus returns as the Judge.
It is my prayer that you will take the time to consider and think about what I have written. If you think I am right then please pray with me.

“Dear Father God, we admit that we have allowed the spirit of anti-christ to weaken our belief in the triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that we have become complacent and tolerant to such an extent that we believe we can fellowship and pray with people of other religions who worship false teachers and deities. Forgive us Lord and cleanse us with the blood of Christ our Savior and help us to return to the foundations of our faith in you as Our God, Savior and fill us with the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, have mercy on us and hear our prayer. Amen.”


About stranger2

I am mature person living in South Africa, the country of my birth. My ancestry goes back to 1725 when my forefather arrived in the Cape from Germany. At the age of 11 years, I received my first "adult" bible from my godly grandmother and the verse she wrote in front has been my beacon all through my life: "Thy word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." (Psm 119:105). I became a born again Christian at the age of 17. I have nothing to boast of except in "the cross of Jesus Christ" and His ransom paid for my sin. I have experienced His grace and mercy in abundance and know that I am a stranger in this world. I write as stranger 2 and believe that my posts are inspired by the Holy Spirit for the times we live in to alert fellow Christians about deception in the times we live in, even in churches. I love God's people and desire that "...we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ." To grow up as mature Christians we need solid food teaching and not milk (foundation teachings). I choose to be known just as "stranger 2" as we are all supposed to be strangers in this world and I join other strangers too.

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