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The Collective Sins of Idolatry and Pagan Practices

The collective sins of idolatry and pagan practices are a serious hindrance between God and His people in all nations. It is a hindrance to prayers being answered. It is a hindrance to receiving God’s blessings for a nation but also individually, as a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ, it hinders one from receiving all God wants… Read more »

Christ is First Before All Things

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Do you ever spend time to think about the fact that Christ is first before all things? I know I do not consider, think or even meditate on this fact enough. If I did I would probably be less prone to fear and anxiety about the unknown future knowing that this supreme being is also my Savior and Lord. Christ… Read more »

Abraham: Father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam?

I once watched on CNN President Obama’s appearance and speech at the Mosque in Baltimore, USA. President Obama talked about tolerance. He is a Christian and so part of Christianity, but as the first citizen of the United States of America, he was addressing fellow Americans from the religion of Islam (Muslim). He has not done that previously during the almost eight years of… Read more »